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First Kid out of the Nest

A couple years ago my friend and I were having brunch at this cute little restaurant.  Little did we know it was the official Senior Skip Day.  Side Note: No, this is not some retirement/senior citizens themed day, it is a day that parents call in their Senior high school students from school. So, back… Continue reading First Kid out of the Nest

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I may have a loud laugh?

You may not know me but you might have heard me before.  I am the girl who has her boss walk in to her office and say "hey, I'm having a meeting in my office (four doors down) and can you just stop laughing for a little bit?  We can't concentrate. Thanks!"  This isn't said… Continue reading I may have a loud laugh?


Weekends Without Kids – Party Time!!!

Being a single parent is great right?  Party on your weekends off,  meet really interesting people and fly away to exotic locations. Hmmmm. I must have missed this handout in the divorce. I think people have a misconception about the lifestyle of a single parent. I laugh at my married friends who think I live… Continue reading Weekends Without Kids – Party Time!!!