Personal Reflections

I think I’m still funny.

I know my best friend thinks I’m funny, well I know she laughs at my stupid jokes, forced or not.  My hope is one day I’ll be funny again.  I used to be vibrant, sexy, exotic, joyful and outgoing.  Okay, I was joyful.  Hmmm maybe lighthearted is a better description.  Anyway you get my drift. I was different.

Weren’t we all different than when we were “at our prime”?  What the heck is “our prime” anyways?  17, 25, 35 or 43? Well, at 17 I was the geekiest kid ever with no self confidence and the nickname of wall-chesty. Which obviously is self explanatory, no need to go into detail on that one. 25, huh, I had just had my first child and he did not come home with an instructional booklet!  But on the good side I never dropped him on his head, deliberately anyways. (this isn’t taken seriously right?) Oh, 35, yeah my ex-husband had just left me for a young volleyball player with boobs that hadn’t nursed two kids…  going with not my prime that year.  At 43, finally divorced from said ex-husband, positive I wasn’t very funny that year.

So, here I am at 44 wondering when my funny will come back all the way.  Because my funny is my “prime.”  I think that is what we have to figure out.  What is your prime?  What is the thing you like most about yourself?  I have started creating that list and have a top 5 things I like about myself.  (It’s a work in progress and no my boobs did not make the list).  But my funny made the list.  My funny was pretty kick-ass and it’s going to be again.

Forget about when your prime was and make your prime an IS!  I am funny, I will be funny and I am getting better at my funny.  Pretty sure that means my prime is now. I like the sound of that. Yep, I am at my prime.

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