Weekends Without Kids – Party Time!!!

Being a single parent is great right?  Party on your weekends off,  meet really interesting people and fly away to exotic locations. Hmmmm. I must have missed this handout in the divorce. I think people have a misconception about the lifestyle of a single parent.

I laugh at my married friends who think I live this phenomenal lifestyle when the kids are with their dad.  Well I hate to say it but you are RIGHT!  My single weekends are seeeeexy. It is filled with discarded clothes on my bedroom floor, long hot days in the sun with a hairy chested guy and lots of cold beverages.  Translation:  Sorting laundry in the bedroom for myself and two kids, yard work while my dog runs around and okay, this is wine, I’ll admit it.

So as you can see, very sexy.  When I tell you this, I feel like those people who tell you how magic tricks are done.  Spoiler!

What I’m really doing:

  1. peeing with the door open
  2. eating the entire pan of brownies
  3. staying in PJ’s as long as possible
  4. yard work, house cleaning, laundry, grocery etc.
  5. watching Tiny House Nation
  6. snuggling with my dog on the couch

The next time you see me and my makeup is smeared around my eyes and I look like hell.  I am not actually having a “walk of shame” or “stride of pride.” I was probably outside mowing the lawn or cleaning out the garage.  My life is pretty much like being married minus the sex and I have to fix my own toilet when it breaks.  And it is not as if I stop worrying about the kids when they are with their dad.  I still worry, I text to find out how they are, and hope they are making good decisions.  Same stuff I do when I have them.

I am sure that some single parents go out and have a great time.  My great time is just different.  I actually like doing stuff around the house.  The most interesting person I  met last week is the new Chinese delivery guy.  Yeah, I might need to leave the house to meet someone, but not yet, not ready. My jammies are way to comfy and the wine is chilled perfectly…


1 thought on “Weekends Without Kids – Party Time!!!”

  1. ❤️ as I adjusted back to married life form 6 years of singledom….here are some things I miss from those days:
    1. Dishes in the sink until either guests are coming over or my kid is returning home with no shame if they are their Fri pm until Fri a.m.
    2. Eating Captn Crunch on a kidless holiday while binge watching, “How’s it Made”
    3. My non kiddo time being my own to fill or not fill at my discretion.
    4. Quiet stillness of being home alone .


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