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Wine in my Coffee Cup

What? Of course that is coffee in my cup…  Well, what time of day are we talking? 8am, noon or after 5pm. Maybe, okay, if it’s after five and you see me with a coffee cup it’s not coffee.  Good lord if I drank coffee after five I would be awake all night.  I’m not saying I’m always drinking after five but I do enjoy my wine.

I read an article not that long ago about married women over 40 turning into alcoholics.  I thought this was interesting in the fact it said “married” as most men who are alcoholics are not married. I’m not saying marriage causes women to drink (the article said that) but I was married for 18 years. Hence the coffee cup.

So what kind of wine do I drink? Am I one of those fancy wine gals? Bottle my own award winning wine? Swirl it in the glass to see the consistency stick to the side? Oh yeah, that’s SO NOT ME.  My favorite wine is a sweet red from Indiana by Oliver.  $10 bucks at your local ABC. When I can’t afford that (I did mention single mom of two teens right?) I drink cheap ass sangria from my grocers shelf. I’m such a classy girl.

Did I mention I also like my red wine cold?  Maybe even with ice cubes in it? Like I said classy girl. The beauty of this is I have a soul mate in the way I drink wine and she is my bestie.  She and I can hang out on our back porches together for hours talking about nonsense and drinking wine.  Of course I step up my game when I drink with her and I use a Tervis.

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