Recipe Blogs get more hits?

Well since I have started writing this stellar blog, filled with astounding information, I have received tons of advice on what to write on.  The one thing that keeps coming up is “you should do a recipe blog they will get a lot of hits.”  Really?  I have to wonder how true this is.  I mean if I want a recipe I can google it, look in one of my dozens of cookbooks or… um Pinterest, anyone?

A couple of my favorite ideas from people have been fashion, raising kids, divorce advice or something I’m passionate about.  Okay let’s break this down in terms of reality:

  • Fashion: Have you met me? My fashion sense is a step above ‘people of Wal-Mart’ and way below Macy’s. (Not really but it sounded funny)
  • Raising Kids:  My philosophy on childhood is this, It is not the best time in your life but it’s what you spend the rest of your life getting over.  I am secure in the knowledge my kids will one day be on a talk show blaming me for all their problems.
  • Divorce Advice: Okay this I can do really quickly.  I don’t need an entire blog for that.  PLAY NICE, nothing you have is worth fighting over (just re-buy it) and remember KIDS FIRST.  Done. Well, now that I think about it, there is more but I just don’t think it’s a great topic to dwell on. So, nope, not doing it.
  • Something I’m Passionate About: Huh, this was actually interesting, but I can’t imagine others wanting to hear what I’m passionate about. I mean really? Drinking wine?  There are probably thousands of blogs about it and I really don’t know anything about it other than I like it cold and red.

With all that being said, while I am super thankful people are trying to help me, I think I’ll just stick to nonsensical blogs and keep them funny.

Oh crap, here is your recipe:

Easy Sangria Recipe

  1. Bottle of Red table wine
  2. Orange Soda
  3. Fruit – whatever’s handy

Gather all ingredients, realize you are missing #2 & #3. Screw it, just drink the wine.



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