Let the Shenanigans begin!

What is that old saying?  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  I sure hope so! Because I am Vegas bound for almost a week.  I leave tomorrow and of course I’m not even packed.  Ugh.  I always have these grandiose plans to clean my house, run the dishwasher and be packed the night before.  In reality I will throw a bunch of clothes in my suitcase, praying something matches, and my house will be in the same state as how I left it. Damn housecleaning fairies never come to my house.

So why haven’t I packed? No clue.  Procrastination?  Not usually my style. I mean really all I need for traveling is liquid eyeliner, a flatiron and underwear.  What more could a girl want when she goes to Vegas. Okay, so maybe a bra too.

Things to do in Vegas… hmmmmm. Since I have been to Vegas several other times I have discovered I am not a Las Vegas strip girl.  I am the Red Rock girl. Of course this makes you think I might be outdoorsy in some way.  Trust me I’m not.  My idea of hiking Red Rock consists of flip flops, a blanket and a bottle of wine.  I just like to take in the sights and be wowed by the scenery.  In case you haven’t been to Red Rock, here’s what it looks like.

Red rock

Gorgeous right!  I can’t wait to go and just sit in the middle of it all.  Other things to do in Vegas have peeked my interest but… they are super expensive.  Like hire a gigolo.  I mean have you seen that show on HBO?  OMG. I would die. I mean holy crap those women and men just let it all hang out there. Not to mention the cost ( I may have looked up the website) is like $1000 an hour.  Nope not gonna happen but then again that old saying…

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