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I may have a loud laugh?

You may not know me but you might have heard me before.  I am the girl who has her boss walk in to her office and say “hey, I’m having a meeting in my office (four doors down) and can you just stop laughing for a little bit?  We can’t concentrate. Thanks!”  This isn’t said rudely at all and I’m very aware of the fact that my laugh is louder than the sonic boom created by space shuttles.  My laugh is either one you like or you better grow to like, because it is not going anywhere.

My response to people when they comment on the fact I am known for my laugh is “Better to be known for my laugh, than for being a bitch.”  I have said this so often that it now makes me smile.  I look around at people sometimes and wonder what word comes to mind when they are described by friends. What one word do they associate with themselves? What about you?

I polled my friends because I had to know what they thought my “one” word description was, keep in mind they cannot follow directions.  So, here are some of my one words:

  • Infectious as f***
  • Conscientious
  • Hilarious (got more than one vote)
  • Outgoing
  • Easily Amused

But then I asked people who don’t know me really well:

  • Boisterous
  • Charismatic
  • Silly
  • Loud

Two people even made up words for me:

  • LOLots
  • Amazballsawesomesaucespectacularbeautimoushilariousintelligenicempatheticspiritualisticallyincredible

(My bestie has a great sense of humor also)

Huh, looks about the same.  Guess what you see is what you get with me.  I like that.  I mean of course I still have mysteries.  What person doesn’t?  Mine of course might be like “how many coffee cups does she own?”  I didn’t say it had to be deep mysteries, just mysteries.

Have you texted all your friends yet to figure out your word? Asked your coworkers?  Figured it out yet?  Comment your word below.

Oh, I survived Vegas and I’m allowed to return again…



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