Personal Reflections

First Kid out of the Nest

A couple years ago my friend and I were having brunch at this cute little restaurant.  Little did we know it was the official Senior Skip Day.  Side Note: No, this is not some retirement/senior citizens themed day, it is a day that parents call in their Senior high school students from school. So, back to my story, we were sat next to a table of four Senior girls who were planning their entire lives. (I know you are laughing already) One girl spouts out with “Okay, I am graduating College in four years, married to (pick a name, I’m sure it was her high school boyfriend), getting an amazing job and having kids by 25.  If I’m not there by 25 you guys just need to shoot me!”  My friend and I looked at each other, burst out laughing and I leaned over to the girls at the table and said “Shoot her now.”

I know you are asking yourself what does this have to do with her first kid leaving home. Well, this Saturday my oldest child is graduating High School.  When did this happen???  I am sure I am still 28.  I can’t be old enough to have a child graduating.  He  must not be mine. 😉   But sadly he is and I am old enough.  He has big plans too. The day after graduation he is moving to New York, thankfully not the city.  I know he is craving his independence and big time adventure.

You may be wondering if I am okay with this.  I’m not!!!, but what do you tell a headstrong 18 year old who knows everything?  I was there once (all knowing) and actually moved to Wyoming after graduating high school.  Let me tell you my Florida wardrobe was LACKING for winters in Wyoming.  I survived though and I am confident he will too.  Of course I have this awesome picture of him calling me begging to come home because he misses me and can’t live without me.  I know, never gonna happen, but a mom can dream.  <sigh>

toonvectors-11573-140What I think my son looks like leaving the nest.  heehehe

Well, since he has made all these grandiose plans, let me tell you, I have thanked my mom dozens of times for putting up with my teenager brat moments, not killing me in my sleep and ignoring all my nasty mean comments about how smart I was.  I remember how adamant I was at that age.  I knew it all.  I knew what life was going to be like.  HA!  Boy was I wrong. I knew nothing at 18, hell, I still know nothing now.  But now I’m smart enough to know that.

On Saturday he graduates, Sunday he leaves and Monday I will dry my tears and turn his room into a Craft Room!  YES! (and of course wait for his call…)




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