Mem, meme, me-me, oh whatever – Adult Hobbies

The weekend is upon us!  What are you up to? Big Plans?   If you read my post earlier you know my son graduated and promptly moved to New York last weekend.  Yep, there was a couple of bottles of wines on the agenda last weekend. This weekend?  I’m looking at a couple different options…

This weekend I am back to no kiddos as my daughter does her Dad thing.  I was thinking to myself what are some major plans that I could come up with when I remembered my bestie posted this meme to my wall the other day:

hobbiesTHIS IS SO TRUE!!!!  I love doing nothing but I find myself being a shut in more and more.  Nothing wrong with that as I am convinced if Starbucks delivered I would never leave the house.  Remember that old movie, The Net, with Sandra Bullock and no knew who she was because she never left the house…  Yep, that would be me with less intrigue and murder.

So, while these are my hobbies now, I find myself wanting to actually start living a bit more.  I mean I’m 44 not dead.  If I don’t do it now when will I do it?  Problem is I don’t live in a booming metropolitan area with a ton of things happening.  It’s not like Superman or Batman would ever make my town their Base of Operations. Yep, no bat cave here.

But I did find a couple things worth looking into.  I mean I didn’t get to see the new X men movie yet as I was to busy crying in my wine last weekend. Second thing to do, FREE SEMINAR this weekend on: How to Avoid the Most Common Remodeling Mistakes.  I’m just saying this could be riveting. But I decided to settle upon seeing Menopause with my Mom on Saturday.  From my understanding it’s supposed to be pretty funny.

I feel like I can relate since last month on my way to Vegas (4 1/2hr flight) I had a hot flash two hours into the flight.  I am pretty sure I stripped off more clothes than necessary and may have scared some of the other people on the flight.  The flight attendants were very kind though in providing me a large bag of ice for the remainder of the flight if I promised to put my clothes back on.


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