Random Thoughts

My Life as a Movie…

Reality check big time.  I was asked the other day whom I thought would play me in a movie about my life.  Wow, this really made me think… What actress could play me and my friends would be “yep, that is Jennifer.”  I did some deep mental thinking, of course wine was involved and came up with this…

The 79th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


I would love to say Dame Helen Mirren.I mean she is utterly gorgeous, sophisticated and so regal looking. i mean just look at her she played the Queen of England for goodness sake!  The only problem with this is she usually only takes on roles that are meaty and worthy of a nomination, unless you count Red & Red 2, which were just funny action movies with Bruce Willis & Morgan Freeman.  Back to reality though…  She is a Dame!  The Queen made her one.  It’s not a title you are born with but one she hands out.  Yep, she is a little too high class to play me in a movie.





My next thoughts were, ok, I have a big mouth, loud laugh and unruly brown curly hair.  Eureka!  Julia Roberts circa Pretty Woman. Right?  Perfect fit.  Hahahaha.  Except she is probably 6 inches taller, can walk in heels and is half my size.  Hmmm, but I did feel like I was getting closer in the prospect of figuring out the answer to this puzzle.

As I had another glass of wine I contemplated the question further.

I needed someone loud, funny, goofy and a lit bit on the heavier side.  Someone who would have no problem making a fool of themselves or looking normal when tripping over absolutely nothing on the floor in front of them.  (yes, I have done this several times.  Once resulting in crutches for a six week period)

Then it hit me!  Why hadn’t I thought of this before.  Me!  I was perfect for the part.  I kid, I kid.

So whom did I finally come up with?  Melissa McCarthy!

MelMcI mean come on! She is perfect!  She is goofy, funny, can do slap stick comedy and still has the loudness factor, curly brown hair and big smile.

I love it!  I would so be excited to have her play me.  I mean I have never used the restroom sink for a bathroom nor have I adopted 9 puppies at a wedding shower but hey, I’m only 44.  Plenty of time left for that stuff…

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