Narrating My Own Life

No this isn’t some self-help article about improving yourself or getting out to live life more.  This is simply about me talking to myself when no one is around.  Preferably in a Morgan Freeman voice. Not when he was on Jimmy Fallon sucking helium voice, but when he played God in the movie with Steve Carell, Evan Almighty, voice. Because he has the best voice.  I am convinced I could listen to anything he says and love it.

Don’t you ever find yourself wandering around the house when you are alone and narrating what you are doing?  Giving yourself advice?  Or simply just talking to yourself? I don’t personally do any of these things.  (ducking for cover to hide from the inevitable lightning strike for lying)

Yeah, okay, I talk to myself all the time.  Hell, I even narrate (in weird voices) what I am doing sometimes.  Of course, if you want to be practical, I’m not alone, as the dog listens to me very attentively. A lot of the conversation between us is me telling him (Chico) what mommy is doing now or what she will be doing next.  He seems very interested and even sometimes raises an eyebrow or wags his tail in response.   This leads me to be believe he is actually on board with most of my ideas.


Doesn’t he look riveted?  We just had a full on conversation so my guess he is just tired now? I mean a lot of information was exchanged.

I know I said I do voices this is not something creepy or weird but when my kiddos were little I would read books to them and do voices for each character. Somehow this stuck, kinda like using the word potty instead of bathroom or restroom.  Yep, I am a 44-year-old woman who uses the “potty” and talks to herself.  Huh, it’s amazing I’m still single.

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