Halloween Time

I know, it’s a little early to think about Halloween and costumes.  NOPE!  My work is cutthroat when it comes to this particular holiday. This is the holiday we treat the way most people treat Christmas.  We are the Griswold’s of Halloween.  If you don’t know who that is quit reading my blog.

The department I work in has won two years in row for best theme and scored a free lunch.  The first year we won was the Creepy Circus, I was the ringleader.  It was amazing.  The second year, last year, was Harry Potter. I was Moaning Myrtle.  I personally had never seen the movies and if I knew how creepy her voice was, I may not have agreed to this particular character. Ick!  But I rocked the pig tails and tie just for team. PS that is a sink flooding my office – the idea looked better in my head.

moaning myrtle

About a week ago the spreadsheet went out to everyone for ideas.  Voting began this week and now we are off to preparation.  Our group had three rounds of voting to narrow down the process. The winner being Underwater theme.  I am excited as we are already figuring out who is going to be what and how we are going to decorate!   I have put my bid in to be an octopus.  I know, but it is so I can slap eight people all at once. 😉

In the beginning of the Halloween process I always get so excited about how I will decorate my office and I end up with these huge grandiose plans.  Hahahaha We all know where this conversation is headed. So I will just show you with pictures:

What I think I will do to my office



What I really do to my office

I know, I’m a slacker.  It is something I have come to terms with and am okay about it.  But of course this year will be different.  I am making my own octopus costume and decorating my office like a coral reef!  I have even pinterested diy ideas on how to make your own fake coral reef.  Wow, do a lot of  Vacation Bible School’s use this theme!  Holy Crap. Literally.

My question to all of you is… What will you be for Halloween? Are you thinking ahead?

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