Personal Reflections

Trouble Sleeping

I don’t sleep at night.  I have been known to grocery shop at 3am or mop the floors in my house at 1am.  From what I understand this is normal “for a woman my age.”  Um, what the hell does that mean?  My age?  I am 44. I am not a dinosaur. I am not some little old lady who eats at 5pm for the early bird special.  What the heck.

I know, I know.  I have heard the stories of what menopause does to a woman and I’m obviously living through it, but no sleep now?  This really sucks.  Last night I got all of two hours of sleep from 3:30am to 5:30am.

So, what does a person do?  Well, so far I have tried melatonin, some weird tasting tea and over the counter sleep aides.  All right let’s break it down:

  • Melatonin- everyone I know said “try this as your body stops naturally making it when you get older and it will help you fall asleep.” Yeah, it helps you fall asleep but then two hours later I was wide awake again and mopping floors. I want to stay asleep not take a fricken nap.
  • Sleepy time tea – I am pretty sure this is mythical (like unicorns or the moon landing) and just for your head.  This did nothing except taste awful. I am sure it works for some people but I have to wonder if it is just part of a routine that “gets you ready” for bed.  Kinda like reading books to toddlers.
  • Over the counter sleeping aides – OK, sit back and enjoy my experience on this.  I don’t do medication well.  Benadryl, while it puts mostly people to sleep jacks me up and gives me WAY TO MUCH energy. So in my infinite wisdom I thought why not try sleeping aides. I followed the label and took two pills about 30 mins before I went to bed.  I then jumped in the shower and put on my pj’s.  I did fall asleep and that is when it all went south.

My daughter said she wished she had thought to video tape me that night.  Evidently sleeping pills – even generic ones – have a wonderful effect on me.  According to my daughter I took two more showers, went to the kitchen, took the ice cream out of the freezer and stuck it in the fridge (didn’t eat any), cried on the bathroom floor and broke my glasses in three pieces. It was quite the eventful night. And no, I have no idea what actually happened with the glasses. Oh, and by the way, I remember NONE OF THIS.

All of this has confirmed my position that I should just stick with Motrin and grocery shopping at 3am. Ugh. Here’s to sleepless nights, Cheers!

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