Your Best Excuse…

It’s Monday, Friday or hell Sunday morning, and you are supposed to be somewhere, what is your best excuse to get out of it?  Do you lie, evade the commitment/invitation or tell the truth?  I have found myself in some precarious situations where I am stuck doing something I don’t want to do, but yet agreed to it.  I must learn to say no better.  Hmmmm something future me might need to work on.

So there you are about an hour before the commitment, standing in front of the mirror still in your jammies and whining like a two year who doesn’t want to take a nap.  Sidebar – when did naps become awesome?  I can’t remember the age switch. Ok, back to the topic at hand, you whining in the mirror.  Yep, you have had a shit morning and now you have to go to work.  But you just don’t want to! I have a coworker who when she wants to schedule a day off comes to me and says she will have a vile illness on Friday.  This is her way of telling me she will be going to Disney.  I swear if she ever calls me and says she is going to Disney, I will know the world is ending.  I will pack my car and take off for the hills to wait out the zombie apocalypse.

I’ve heard other people use the whole “I don’t feel well” method but to me that takes a lot of effort.  You have to feign an illness AND a recovery.  I’m not Ferris Bueller. My brain just doesn’t think like that.  I’m not sure I have the dedication to put that much work into getting out of something or taking the day off.  Then there is the good ole my car broke down method.  Ok, again, not that creative.  Then I have to figure out what part, fake a towing and talk about money.  Too much for this gal to remember.

My go to is honesty.  If you are trying to get out of something or calling in for a day; just simply let them know you will need a mental health day.  This could mean many things of course, I got my period, my dog and I need bonding time, or I just can’t adult today. I personally feel that my dog and I get our bonding time on the weekends when I pretend to be a shut in.  My period is never that bad although I know women who end up in bed for the first couple days.  Nope, the adulting one is me.  In fact, on those days (which only occur rarely) this is my idea of perfection.bunny


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