What’s for Dinner???

How many of you work all day, then come home and have to cook for people?  I have kids to cook for but I am a commuter so two hours of my day is spent in my car. Which means when I walk in the door it’s already 6:30 at night.  The first thing out of my kids mouth is what is for dinner? Um, I don’t know what did you cook? This is my favorite response to them. Heck their guess is as good as mine.  My brain stopped functioning around 5pm (okay maybe sooner but don’t tell my boss).

I walk in the kitchen and do my usual stare in the fridge as if something magically will show up to cook.  I know I went grocery shopping on Saturday but where is all the food on Monday night?  I am positive I planned dinners for the week.  Didn’t I?  Who else has weeknight brain fart on what they are cooking?  Every once in while on the weekend I get motivated and create “frozen crockpot dinners” you know the ones that you pull out of freezer and dump in the pot in the a.m.?  My favorite site for this is Six Sisters found here.  I also like Hello Fresh for easy quick meals. But my budget does not allow for this every week.

I sit back and see my daughters best friends parents who have four kids and their daily shuffle. Holy Crap, swimming, volley ball, homework and baseball.  Whhhhaaaat???  Who has time for all of that?  When do they eat? Do they sleep? I’ve seen their house and I can tell you the ball is definitely being dropped there. I think I could easily sacrifice 12 sports a week for a clean home.  I want my kids to be happy at home not wonder what is on the floor because it’s been there so long it is now undefinable. I want to cook dinner without having to wash the dishes first.

So what’s for dinner then? I don’t know I was busy writing this blog. lol. You can google meal planners and be bombarded by websites and help.  But how many “weekly meal planners” have recipes that everyone in your family will actually eat? I can guarantee my kids are not going to eat stuffed peppers nor am I going to cook them.  Going to three different sites to figure out a grocery list is a time consuming event.  It can take up an entire afternoon. Aint no one got time for that.  That is time I’m wasting from drinking wine.

Yes, before you ask I do have a drawer full of take out menus but again single mom on a budget, I cannot afford to order food every night.  So, I end up falling back on quick meals which are not favorites of my kiddos.  Spaghetti & meatballs, breakfast for dinner and occasionally a sandwich, because I am super tired (ok lazy) whatever.  What is your goto meal that you can whip up on short notice?  Or is it Subway or Publix on the way home?  I’ll be at your place at 6:30 for dinner – expect 3.

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