Personal Reflections

Bourbon – oh heck no.

I’ve decided at 44 I should be starting to venture out on my alcohol.  Isn’t it true that our taste buds change every seven years or something like that? If not, it should be true.  I have decided to venture out and see what different liquors I might like.  I have always been a vodka and tequila girl.  Preferably Tito’s & Patron Silver – hit me up if, as my adoring  fan, you wish to send me a bottle.

A couple months ago while having drinks with a friend the person next to me ordered a really interesting sounding drink made with bourbon.  I thought, huh, at my age I prbly should have tried a few more cocktails by now.  I can drink vodka with just about any mixer and suck down patron without even needing a lime or salt but I haven’t really tried other liquors.

The next week I flew to Vegas (yes there was a blog on this) and my friend Jennifer made the most delicious drink from Gin, which I thought I didn’t like.  The drink was a Bees Knee’s. OH MY GOODNESS.  First off they are so yummy and go down way to easy… careful if you attempt to drink these one evening.  They are super sneaky.

After this experience I decided bourbon was my next target. I mean I can drink tequila straight, any other alcohol should be a cake walk. I was lucky enough to be given a bottle of Knob Creek bourbon!  Whoop I was on my way to being a well rounded drinking girl.  I stopped by the grocery store that evening picked up the most beautiful lamb chops for my grill and the fixings for an old fashioned.  This is the only drink (as an ex-bartender) that came to mind to mix with bourbon.

lambchopsI got home made my wonderful chops on the grill with a mint sauce on top.  After my dinner I then set about making my old fashioned.  I mixed the bitters, sugar etc. muddled everything just like I used too.  After sitting down with one of my top ten favorite movie, I proceeded to taste my drink.  UH OH. Holy crap my body was on fire.  This was possibly the worst tasting concoction I had ever put in my mouth and I have been tricked into doing a cement mixer before. Holy Crap I almost lost my lamb chops!  After the cold sweets subsided I put the nice bottle of Knob Creek on my liquor shelf deciding I would now pawn this off an unsuspecting visitor.

Now I have to ponder what liquor to try next or should I research different drinks for the bourbon? I’m not sure I’m brave enough for that yet. No recipe this time as I put one in a couple back for the perfect manhattan – made of course from bourbon.

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