Random Thoughts

Internet Only

I love movies. No, I mean I LOVE MOVIES.  I can watch a movie 50 times.  In fact with my favorite movies I can recite most lines by heart. The Blind Side, Grease, Princess Bride, Princess Diaries, The Avengers, Rocky Horror, Captain America…etc. My movie taste is eclectic to say the very least. I can usually enjoy any movie except Horror movies.  I can do thrillers/mind-melts but nothing like Saw or Cujo.  My favorite though is a good Action with fantastic wit in it.  Hence my fierce love of all Marvel movies.

I am not a huge TV watcher although I do like a few shows Chopped, Tiny House Nation and How I Met Your Mother.  Again I would say a tad eclectic in taste.  The beauty of these shows is you can find them on Hulu, Roku, Netflix, Prime (and a bunch of others).

My house is cable free now.  I have only internet and I love it, not to mention I am saving about $100 a month now! This is more for my wine budget! Which makes me a very happy girl. I have recently been looking at where I spend my money and trying to trim some of the fat out of my expenditures. Being a single income can sometimes be a restrictive on what I actually get to do.  My mind says let’s take a week vacation in the mountains while my wallet laughs hysterically and says grab a bottle of wine and watch a documentary on National Forests.

This is probably why I love movies so much.  It is an escape from reality, a diversion from paying bills or not having to adult for 90mins of my day.  I could probably take up a more contructive hobby such as knitting or bowling (omg this would mean socializing) but those cost more than my $7.99 a month for Netflix. And let’s face it, I’m saving for that mountain vacation…

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