To Diet or not to Diet…

That is the real life question.  To Diet or not to Diet. Are we just supposed to know when to do this?  Because if so, I think that gene is missing from my DNA.  I like food, I like to eat.  I’m not “fat” but I am chunky.  The weird thing is I used to think I was fat.  I remember being around 120lbs thinking I really need to lose 10lbs.  What the heck was I thinking? I will tell you, I was self conscious of how I looked.  I had serious body images when I was younger.

What changed you ask?  I got older and wiser.  But this just happened recently.  I am actually happy with who I am. I am overweight, I won’t say proud of that fact, but comfortable with it.  In my marriage after my second child my weight became a point of contention.  I have come to the conclusion that the next man who comes along better like me for me, not the fact that I only order a salad for dinner.  I am never going to be a skinny girl again. I like brownies, I don’t like to run (unless of course a clown with a knife is chasing me).

The diet thing though, I see way to many skinny girls complaining about how fat they are and dieting.  I have to laugh at this because you realize at that moment no one actually likes their body.  I think as woman and men (for the one guy who is maybe reading this) we need to concentrate on what we do like about ourselves instead of what we don’t.  Change your thought process.  Instead of looking in the mirror and being critical about the fact your thighs touch why not look at yourself and think about how great you are, how beautiful you are when you smile or how you like the fact you have hips and look like a woman.

In general, I think people are too hard on themselves and it hurts their self confidence and their outlook on life.  You are responsible for your own happiness.  My best advice is to not listen to others about your looks but find something about yourself you find beautiful.  Learn to love yourself and be happy.  I have a stomach, my thighs touch, but I am gorgeous when I smile and laugh.  I am enchanting when I am animated and excited.  I am not so full of myself though that I don’t see my faults, I simply just try not to dwell on them.

Remember, when you look at those magazine covers with movie stars and models on them.  Even those pictures have been airbrushed. Everyone I know is sexy in someway.  While it might not be as obvious as good looks, a persons sexiness will shine through when you get to know and you see them.  The passion, the joy and the confidence in someone,  these are super attractive characteristics. By all means skinny younger girls, complain about your weight because every guy wants to hear about how fat you are.  Heck, you are simply paving the way for those of us with thighs.

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