Random Thoughts


Yep, I have been a slacker with my posts lately.  With the elections, thanksgiving and now Xmas around the corner, I have been a bit busy. I know, excuses, excuses.  Well, I’m back, hopefully I’ll be just as funny as before.

Today’s topic: The Nightmare Before Christmas.

You know what I’m saying the hectic shopping excursions, the obligation to send out holiday cards, and getting that gift from someone you did not buy a gift for.  Ugh worst nightmare ever!  I try to keep a stash of gifts in the closet wrapped just in case someone stops by and does this.  Yes, now you know my secret and will be doubting the sincerity of my gifts from here on out.  hahahah oh well.

Ok, who does the Black Friday shopping?  I have actually never gotten into this. I know a few people who do it every year and some who go just to watch the lunatics shopping.  I have to say if I did go out on that day, I would be the latter of the two.  All I can think of is the scene in the movie (can’t remember the name) where they are fighting over the last pair of gloves in the store.  I know in my small town it probably isn’t as bad as say New York but I have these weird ideas of people going ballistic over trying to get the last item.  This I could totally watch but not participate in.

The Xmas card dilemma, all about the family newsletter, what do you write?  I mean the last couple of years for me hasn’t been all that amazing.  What do you say?  Hey everyone if you haven’t noticed I went back to my maiden name.  LOL.  This year I decided to be silly in my cards and say the most outlandish things. Totally true stuff. Not even in the least.  I may or may not have claimed to be the CEO of Google.  Yep, I went there.  For those of you who receive one count yourself lucky as I only bought a pack of 20 cards.  It’s just too damn expensive to send out a billion of those.  I would rather get another tattoo then spend money sending out Xmas cards.  Hmmmm  maybe that is what I’ll get myself for Christmas.

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