Random Thoughts

To write or not to write

It has recently been suggested I should write a book about my life.  Personally, it sounds as dull as hell to me. I am not that interesting of a person, except my best friend may disagree.  But some of the characters that have come through my life could make some seriously funny subject matter.   Wow, have I know some interesting people, not famous ones, but interesting.  You know we all have that weird “Uncle” in the family, I don’t, I have those weird situations in life where I have to pause and think, holy crap did they just do that?  What was the reasoning behind that???  Why do I know this person?

Ok, so the start of this conversation happened because someone I know regifted something to the new “someone special” in their life.  But… this item was originally given (by the same person) to their ex on Valentines Day a few years ago.  Yeah, that takes regifting to a whole new level of *insert a word here of your liking*. What if this person ever found out it was a used gift?  OMG how would they feel?  And what about the ex?  How would they feel???  Way to hurt two people with one gift.  I know I said regifting was ok, but I was talking coffee mug/ blender ok, not a personal gift from ex to new.  Even Dave Ramsey disagrees with this level of regifting.  http://www.daveramsey.com/blog/10-rules-of-regifting.

I generally like to live in a bubble and think the best of everyone around me, so it stumps me when someone does something malicious to someone else.  I’m not sure what I did in life to warrant this person entering my life but the stories I get from them are amazing.  It could definitely fill a book, I mean Gone with the Wind novel size book. Pretty sure it would be Guinness World Record-worthy.

I am also not sure I would ever want to my kids to read this.  Hmmm, wonder how easy it is to write under a ghost name?  Someone look into that for me. My kids tend to ask me weird questions like why did you and Dad get divorced.  When they ask  I always say something offhand  like “Your dad is an apple user and I prefer Androids.”  They usually give up after a few minutes or I just turn the conversation over to sex and they drop it.  So I’m not sure I want to write anything about him and have them read it later.

I imagine a lot of people have amazing things to write about.  My book would read more like Sponge Bob meets Don Juan.  Just Sponge Bob being a girl. Ok, maybe Sandra Dee meets Don Juan oh wait, she met Danny.  Whatever.  I do know how the book starts though.

“I’m not sure how to start this or what order to put it in, so get out your Dramamine and settle in for this ADD style read.”

Ok, so it’s a work in progress.


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