Personal Reflections

In a Slump – this is not about Baseball

Slump: The moment you realize if Starbucks delivered you would never leave your house.  I guess this could also be considered a Hermit’s lifestyle.  But I know for me it is a slump.  I would prefer not to see anyone, speak to anyone, or do anything. I have kids though so this is not a luxury I can indulge in. I guess this could also be a form of depression.  I think right now though there is just a lot on my plate and the feeling of being overwhelmed is just a constant presence.

I have never figured out a great way of getting out of it except by making a list of things that need to be accomplished, changed and goals set or revised.  First though, I need to wallow for a minute.  Yep, my normally bubbly self sometimes needs to just cry it out. I’m not sure why- except maybe because I’m a girl.  I’m not a cute crier either. You know the kind that looks glamorous while crying. Small tears prettily rolling down their cheeks.  Nope,  I am one of those snotty-nosed, red-faced, ugly crier.  But then I can move forward.

Right now I am making my list and setting my goals.  I think change is a very hard thing for people to accept unless they are the ones creating change.  I am taking charge and creating some change in my life. That is one of the things on my list.  Accepting Change in a more positive way.  Change can throw us for a loop if we are not the ones making those changes.  I personally freak out.  Yep, TOTAL freak out. Unless the change is amazing like I won a million bucks in the lottery, but I guess I would have to play the lottery to win it.

Of course the way I get out of slump may not work for you so I looked this up:  Check it out.  I found it kinda interesting.  It is obviously not a definitive guide but I found it helpful.

A quick rundown of changes I will be making.  I am going goth, wearing daisy dukes and becoming a barista.  None of this, of course, is true.  I would look awful with black hair and no one should own daisy dukes anymore. And as far as being a barista goes, well, I do wake up early enough for that job…

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