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I Hate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day or Happy Single awareness day.  I hate it. Anyone else out there?  I affectionately call it VD day.  This is one of those Holiday’s that is so over marketed.  Seriously?  Do we have to have a day that makes all single people want to stay home in sweats and drink too much or go to a bar and try to hook up? Ok, so that is every weekend for me. Whatever.  This is one of those days you either love because you are gooey in love and your significant other can do no wrong OR you hate it because you are single or in a relationship where your significant other can’t even remember his own birthday let alone when Valentine’s Day is.

I will digress here, just a bit, but in the “almost 18 yrs” of marriage, I am pretty sure (extremely accurate) that my ex-husband only remembered VD three times.  One of those when we were dating, one in our first year of marriage and the last one, don’t ask. I would just get cranky with that one and go on some weird rant.

Ok, back to the, hehe, normal part of the blog.  In a relationship, I would rather know that my significant other thought about me at random times through the year to make me feel special, not on some day that was decided.  Heck, there are so many conflicting stories about this day, read up! The History of Valentine’s Day  You may be surprised.

I think, when we are in a relationship, that if we just take a moment to hug, whisper I love you or do a random act of kindness the message the other person is special is loud and clear.  Heck, bring me my favorite soda, Cream Soda for all the men dying to date me who are reading this.  I will know you took notice of my favorite soda, that you thought of me during the day and that you went out of your way to stop and show me.  THE TRIFECTA. I mean really at that point you are paying attention to my likes AND made me feel special.  Wow, that would be awesome.

I am not sure when I started hating this holiday whether it was in High School or College but around those years.  I think the expectations of this day can really mess with people’s heads.  You can’t expect a $10,000 dollar diamond bracelet from a guy you have been with for six months.  Nor should you expect that your significant other can read your mind and take you on some lavish date or wear skimpy lingerie and be your sex slave for the night. I just threw that one in for good measure.

Life is not a book or a romantic movie. And guys it is not a porno.  Not mine anyway.  Mine is a dark comedy still in the making. Thank God I have a sense of humor.  Like I said, it really is the little things that keep a relationship going through the hard things.  If you know you are loved the big stuff can be worked out a lot easier. Think about it, if you are secure in your job and you mess up, you sure don’t jump to the conclusion getting fired.  The same goes for relationships, when you mess up and you feel loved, you know it will be ok.  I mean if you rob a bank or murder someone that might not be ok.

So for those of you alone or feeling alone on this Holiday, you aren’t. There are a bunch of people who aren’t in relationships.  In fact, I have already bought my bottle of wine for this special evening.  Oh, and new flannel pj’s. I know I’m sexy. Down boys.

1 thought on “I Hate Valentine’s Day”

  1. whoa! new flannel pj’s??? that’s so sexy. I think there should be an Anti-Valentine’s Day celebration today as well. All single people can meet somewhere, have lots of food and crap that’ll kill your heart, lotsa booze and a chance at a raffle for a brick to throw at a TV with the Valentine’s Day heart displayed on it.

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