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The Dress before the Date?

I have heard of the saying buying the shoes before the dress.  You know you find the perfect shoes so then you have to find the perfect dress to go with those fabulous shoes.  This I understand.  BUT looking at wedding dresses before you are dating??  Is this weird? Normal? Fun?

You may be wondering how this question came about.  Well, I was on Pinterest and someone had pinned this gorgeous wedding dress.  Yep, I clicked on it. That is when the problem started and escalated quickly.  Then I started leafing through the site, which led to another site, which led to… you get the picture. So now I have a wedding dress, shoes and a veil picked out for my imaginary wedding.

Oh boy, I think this may mean I am ready to start dating.  Picking all that out shouldn’t scare a guy in the least, huh?  I mean geez what girl doesn’t fantasize about her second wedding. All those little things you would do differently, like the groom. lol.  On a serious note though I planned my wedding in two weeks which meant the dress came from David’s bridal on the $99 rack.  One of three I tried on and it didn’t alterations. I’m not saying my wedding wasn’t perfect but I would definitely do things much slower the second time around.  Maybe try a little planning this time.

But it does bring me back to the question of dating…  I know I’ve said it before but the Chinese delivery guy is WAY too old for me.  I’m surprised he still has a drivers license.  I mean don’t get me wrong he is really nice and does bring food to my front door but… I’m thinking he is not the guy for me. I would love to meet a guy organically.  Does this happen anymore?  NOT IN A BAR.  Through friends, common interests etc. Every time I talk to friends who are dating now it has been via a dating site.  Been there done that, read the blog on it.

I think the main issue would be the things I do organically do not include being social which is a detriment to meeting men.  Mowing my lawn does not generate a line of eligible men especially since I live on a dead end street in a winding neighborhood.  Nor does sitting on my back porch, shopping at hobby lobby or sitting at my desk at work.  I just don’t understand.

Betsy Johnson – click for a link


I am starting to wonder though if this dress might be worn for other events, masqued ball, formal dinner or just the weekend? You know, casual night bowling or to a baseball game maybe?  Well, for now, it looks like I’ll be sitting at home this Saturday night in a brand new beautiful dress and shoes.  I probably shouldn’t order Chinese food though, I might give the guy a heart attack or the wrong impression.


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