Random Thoughts

Running away

I have decided to run away.  I know it is not a new concept and I’m a little old for the idea, but yes, I’m running away.  I think Ireland is where I want to run away too.  I know most teens just go to a friend’s house and call it a day.  I have bigger plans.

I am pretty sure if I do this though I will have to take my daughter, my mom and my best friend.   Does this still qualify as running away?  I am pretty sure the tree branch and bandana method are out the door. No Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn packing for me. It will be multiple suitcases and an entourage if I run away.

My mom tells this hilarious story of my sister and her best friend trying to run away.  Both Mom’s packed suitcases and a lunch for the girls.  Of course, they were both very excited until they realized they weren’t allowed to cross the street without adult supervision.  The kicker, they lived across the street from each other.  I am sure my mom was standing at the window laughing her head off at the two 5 yr olds staring at each other and trying to figure out their next move.

I kinda feel like this is how me running away would go.  I would pack my bags and then stare at myself in the mirror wondering “what next?”  I guess at 44 you need a bit more of a plan.  But then at 5, it sounds like you need one too.  Otherwise, you just end up staring at your best friend wondering how to cross the street.

So, I have, after some thought, come up with the worst plan ever.  I know, Me? I have started applying for jobs in Ireland.  I know this will probably get me nowhere but hey, one can dream.

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