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My Bestie is COMING!!!

I am so excited I could pee myself.  I get a whole week with her!!!  Brook is coming for a visit. Of course, this means I have to clean my house, buy wine and of course Motrin (hangovers help).  A whole week of Day Drinking!!!brook and I

My bestie is prbly the most wonderful person in the world (besides my mom).  Brook has listened to me whine (wine) throughout my divorce, awkward dating moments, kids and my job.  She laughs at me, surprises me with her thoughtfulness and most of all takes my side!  I am always right in her eyes.  The best thing though,  she tells me when I look awful, tells me to get over myself and in general is there for me whenever I need her.

I have had great even best friends in my life but she is and always will be my soul mate.  I used to think that when you are in love that person was your soul mate. I think that is malarkey. Your soul mate doesn’t have to “complete you” they have to know you and love you anyway.  I can say or do anything in front of her and she will love me no matter what.masked ball

Now, after reading all this, I need to state, I am not a lesbian.  Well, maybe from the forehead up.  I am too old to learn new tricks though and I really like men.  But she, she gets me and I get her.

She is the person I can sit in a room with for hours on end and never speak or we can say one word and laugh our asses off for the next two hours over a conversation we had a year ago.

Everyone needs at least one person in their life they can count on.  I am blessed to not only have the most amazing mom but a best friend who’s sarcasm equals my own. Life is good.


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