Random Thoughts

My Stomach is in Knots!

Switching jobs has never been my forte.  I have very little experience in it. Heck, I was a stay at home Mom for too many years to even count (14).  But I am taking a leap and leaving my amazing job now for what I hope will be an even more amazing job. Six years ago I decided to go back to college and got my bachelors in Information Technology with an emphasis on Project Management.  Since graduating 4 years ago… I have become a support manager.  Hmmmm, something might have taken a weird/wrong turn.

Now I am getting a shot at a Project Management job. So, you say, what’s the issue?  Well, job security, not knowing if I will have what it takes, my personality and finally catching a break in PMing. Breaking this down now:

  • Job Security – while I realize there is no such thing, I have worked very hard at my current job and I do feel very secure in it.  Jumping to a new job is always scary.  What if I screw up so bad they fire me?  What then, well, Mom I’m living with you. 🙂
  • Do I have what it takes – In college, I fell in love with Project Management and while I do have experience in the field, do I have what the new company is wanting?  shit. I don’t know.  This is scary to me.  What if they have these super high expectations and I am lacking in ability? What then? Again, I defer to moving back in with my Mom.
  • My Personality – I feel this is self-explanatory but for those of you just joining this amazing blog.  I am a tad loud, over-excitable, and generally weird.   Now a new set of people will get to deal with my quirks and learn to like them?  Oh lord.  Um, Mom?
  • Finally catching my break – This is nerve racking, for two years I have been trying to PM at my current company.  Now, a company wants me and for the life of me, I don’t want to screw this up.  My stomach is in knots, I feel like I’m going to vomit and I will not talk about the other end of my body.  My poor Mom.

So, there you have it.  I am a nervous, excited wreck waiting to start my dream job and hoping not to fail at it. Well, too awful anyways.  I mean we all screw-up.  I just hope mine isn’t a massive one.  But if it is, MAY IT BE SO MASSIVE you read about it in the news.  Then I’m moving in with my Mom.



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