Random Thoughts

Working in the “City”

It’s crazy official, I started a new job as a Project Manager for a company in downtown St. Pete.  Yep, I’m officially working in a city.  How do I know this? Well, for starters, I park in a garage 2 blocks from work and I’m surrounded by restaurants – oh the food.  This all dawned on me yesterday as I walked from the parking garage in flip flops with my real shoes (heels) in my bag and then proceeded to change into them in the elevator.

Yep, these are the things that made me realize I am working in the city.  I say city but it is in St Pete.  It is not a metropolitan like New York or Atlanta but just the same I am surrounded by tall buildings.  Of course it is pretty diverse working downtown.  I love the activity you see on the streets in the morning and at lunch.  I can actually walk down to the waterfront park at lunch (3 blocks away) and sit on a bench to watch the boats. Ahhh.

But I have decided after my first week at work I am totally gonna have to put myself on a budget. The food down here is so amazing.   The problem is lunch is costing me around 10-15$ a day!!!  Holy crap.  Yep, gonna have to start packing the lunch and orain bootsnly go out once a week.  I’m going to have to do some serious research so I try all the restaurants at least once.  Bummer for me.

Another clue that I am working in the city is I now own a pair of galoshes.  Evidently though not many people know this word anymore.  They of course course call them rain boots now.  I still call them galoshes or wellies which I’m sure dates myself badly.  But then I’m pretty sure everyone knows I’m old anyway.  I just can’t wait to actually use them!

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