Random Thoughts

Bird Watching vs Mouse Watching

I love having bird feeders in my backyard.  I get to see cardinals, blue jays, finches and squirrels.  I have a beautiful family of cardinals that come every morning, followed by 2 blue jays and a squirrel I have named Chester.  Yes, I named the squirrel and my bestie also named the two lizards living in my plant on the porch, Fred & Ethel.

As it happens I am not a squirrel expert and “Chester” is now “Veronica” because she is bringing her three babies to the feeder now.  Well, it’s not like I asked her if she was a boy or girl. My bad on assuming.  The babies are adorable, super playful and constantly being chastised by their mom.  It is hilarious to watch them.

So, yes I enjoy seeing all the animals in my back yard and most of the ones who live on my screened in porch. Up until the mouse/mice incident. There were three of them, no they were not blind with cute little glasses and walking canes. Although, one did hit the post on the screen trying to flee.  I also did not name them, nor ask them their names or identify the sex of them as I was too busy screaming. I will also NOT be naming them. No, my goal for these three is vastly different.

How did I find them you ask? Well, it so happens I keep my bird food on the back porch and I started to notice broken sunflower shells around the bag.  I figured Veronica/Chester was finding a way in.  So I set a trap.  I folded the top of the bag over and set a plastic container on top of it.  Low and behold 11:42 on Friday night I heard a clatter and it wasn’t Santa.  I quickly jumped (hahahaha) moved slowly out of bed and shuffled to the porch light to see if I could catch Veronica in the act.  I opened my sliding glass door and quietly stepped on to the porch and shut the door behind me.

That was when the chaos started.  First I saw movement from the bag of birdseed, then one mouse poked it’s head out and spied me.  We both froze for an instant and then full speed ahead action started.  The mouse ran, I screamed, then another mouse hurled itself out of the bag and ran.  The first mouse hit the wall trying to escape the second was way more coordinated and I was still screaming. Oh, and dancing around.  Once, my heart rate calmed I grabbed the broom and thought “ok, I’ll just poke the bag and see if anything else comes out.”  Great idea. Yep, third mouse, it leapt out of the bag straight at me but by this point I was a little more agile with my dance moves and got out of the way.  He subsequently left out of the same hole in my screen as the other two.

PLAN of ACTION: Mouse traps. I head to Walmart in the dead of night and go to the garden center for traps. Once standing in front of the traps though, I can’t do it.  The graphics are horrible.  Glue traps are awful and even the quick kill traps show a picture of a mouse getting bonked on the head.  I cannot kill them.  NEW PLAN of ACTION:  Sterlite container and screen repair.  I move to the dog food isle, grab a container for dog food and a screen repair kit. Get home – wait till morning – I let them have their last free dinner.

Saturday morning the bird feed is now encased in a plastic container, inside the house and I am giving the mice three days to figure out the food is gone before I repair the screen.  It turns out I cannot kill a mouse no matter how much they freak me out.  Spiders, no problem they all need to die, unless it is a daddy long legs. Yeah, I’m a softy.

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