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I thought my 40’s were going to be all about Sex?

Men supposedly reach their sexual prime between 18 and 20 and I remember hearing things about women reaching their prime in their 40’s.  Of course at 45 I had to do some research on this theory.  Slow your thoughts folks, I meant researching by Google, not first hand research.  Although…  no, never mind. Of course, I believe the creator of Sex in the City did a great job in the research department and setting such realistic expectations.

First things first, googling “when women come into their sexual prime” holy hell, that was a lot of information so I’ll just give you a summary of what I have learned. But if you are feeling frisky and want to google it yourself please feel free.

It turns out men actually reach their peak at 32 and women, this fact I found interesting, reach it when they’re feeling the most free, energized, and tuned into their sexuality.  Well, that gives me hope. I sure as hell wasn’t feeling all that in my 20’s and 30’s.  Yes, I had great sex then (you’re welcome ex-husband) but I sure didn’t feel free and energized.  Hell, I had two toddlers.  Energy was at a minimum then.  Free?  not a drop because you always knew one of those cute little toddlers was going to walk in on you in the middle of your “endeavors”.  Not to mention all the body issues I was having due to gaining weight, pregnancy and assorted other issues.

Reading all these articles was a great boost for what sex would be like for the rest of my 40’s.  I look at myself now and yeah I’m overweight and there are things that gravity has done that I’m not super fond of but I also like myself a whole lot more now then I did at 25.  I also have way more self confidence as I don’t rely on what others think of me to define my self worth.  I think this is a lesson that helps with the feeling free part of the article.

Energy, well hell yes I have more, I’m not chasing toddlers anymore.  My teenagers are very self sufficient. In fact I get whole weekends to myself.  Gotta love the every other weekend with the Ex.  This translates into having a lot more energy which I currently throw into DIY projects, my house and writing these amazing blog posts.  But the thought of throwing it into another project brings a smile to my face (sorry mom, I know you are reading this).

Now the third part of this equation is women being tuned into their sexuality. Okay, pause, what exactly did that mean???  I sort of get the gist but <sigh> Google to the rescue again.  There are occasions I miss going to the library to do research, this is not one of those times.  Imagine asking that question to a librarian. And now that I understand it, I’ll write this part as a homework assignment.  Women this means: reacquainting yourself with your needs, wants and desires. I am not going to tell you how to accomplish this part as I think everyone is going to be different.

Well, I guess you have your homework assignment and now so do I  (sorry again mom).  Okay Ladies GO FORTH and have your time!!!! Oh, and remember Ladies, Homework is mandatory for you to pass this class and very hands on.



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