Random Thoughts

It’s all about the first Kiss…

I know if you have read all or some of my blog posts you know I’m not dating.  But I remember (20 or so years ago) what it was like to go on a date and the thrill of getting that first kiss.  You can tell a lot about someone just from that kiss.  You can also tell if it is going to go any further than that first kiss.  You know what I mean, all sloppy and yucky, and when it is sloppy the first thing I think is, and we’re done. But if that first kiss is, well, you know, I’m just saying it’s pretty easy to tell if the chemistry is there or not.

So, what started this thought process, because no I’m not dating, well…  it’s the thought of dating. It’s the thought of meeting a guy and having chemistry again. That little zing, the thrill of anticipation.  I know this isn’t my usual style blog but it’s really been on my mind lately.  And once on my mind, well, this is a topic that is hard to shake off.  Yes, this led me to googling a what is the best way to have a first kiss!

I found a gold mind! There is a site called LovePanky.com that has an incredible article that everyone should read.  It goes over the theory and proper ways of having that first kiss. The article says there are 15 secrets to a great first kiss, so I read it. Which led to reading how to get a guy to kiss you, which led to How to be a Seductress.  I died laughing during the last article because of my awesome skills at being [said Seductress].  I think of myself more along the lines of Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie True Lies (great movie by the way).  There is a scene where she is trying to dance sexy in her underwear but then trips & falls to the ground.  Yep, that is me…  coordinated beyond all measure.  I gave up trying to be “sexy” around the age of 25.

In my 20’s I had a couple really great first kisses but I had more that were a disaster.  Now that I’m more aware of what I want in life and who I really am, that next first kiss will be good.  No, not good, amazing.  Because now I understand that I am in total control of the situation, at 20 I had no idea what I was doing, let alone being in control of anything.  I now know I don’t have to go along with whatever kiss comes my way.  I can stop the bad kiss right away and <gasp> GIVE INSTRUCTIONS.  I always tell my kids if you aren’t old enough to talk about sex then you shouldn’t be having it.  I suppose I should practice what I preach then.  So look out next guy I kiss…


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