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Cabins vs Tents or 20’s vs 40’s

In my late teens and early twenties I loved going tent camping.  Sleeping bags, lanterns, s’mores and no electricity.  I could wake up first thing from sleeping on the ground all night and go canoeing or hiking that morning.  In my forties…  well, lets just say I don’t have the desire to sleep on the ground anymore.   I prefer to rent a cabin.  You know bed off the floor, electricity, hot tub and the small convenience of having an indoor bathroom.

I know this sounds shallow but it is more for my body and the way it feels in the morning.  Sleeping on the ground makes me feel about a 100 yrs old nowadays.  I am creaky and stiff.  Sleeping in a bed, well only a little stiff.  Nothing a few Motrin and that hot tub can’t fix.  But the big difference is I can actually do things the next day, you know, like walk. LOL.

yellowstoneSome of my best memories are from camping in Wyoming during my freshman year of college.  After Friday’s classes we would jump in a couple cars and drive 3 hours to Yellowstone National Park.  We would grab a campsite and play in the park all weekend.  I remember hiking through the forests and having such peace.  Yes, I’m prbly glorifying this time, as it’s been 25 years but hey it’s a great memory.  Those weekends kept me sane during a very rough patch in my life.

If you have never been to Yellowstone – DO IT – make plans.  The park is amazing.  There is so much to see and do there, here’s a link.  I remember waking up one morning with the campfire just smoldering and a heard of buffalo not 50 yards away.  What a sight. What a smell. lol.  million-dollar-cowboy-bar.jpgIf you do get to Yellowstone make sure you also go to Jackson Hole.  There is this great bar on the main square that has saddles for bar stools.  Just be careful how much you drink while sitting on those bar stools, you will have a high probability of falling off if you imbibe on too many drinks.  Not saying this actually happened to me but I had a really great bruise on my ass for about two weeks after that bar visit.

I am so in the mood for a cabin escape.  The problem is I’m 12 hours from the mountains now.  So, it is no longer a weekend adventure.  Now it is called a vacation. I guess redefining this kind of trip also comes with age.  Now I have responsibilities like kids, a dog and my job.  Now I have to schedule these trips.  But hey I’m way over due for a week in the mountains.  I really need to get planning… No you aren’t invited to come. lol Unless…


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