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Everyone is Beautiful

When I was really young I used to think that only certain people were beautiful.  The women they put on the cover of fashion magazines, those people were beautiful.  They were actresses and models, skinny and perfect in every way.  As I get older I have realized that everyone is beautiful in their own way.  I know you are thinking whatever lady.  This is about to get boring.  But seriously, if you look around your work, social circle of friends or the coffee shop you are sitting in right now, you will notice something about each person.  Maybe someone has a great smile, pretty hair or gorgeous eyes.  Each person I meet now, I purposefully look for their beauty and it rarely involves their “cover-girl looks”.

I tend to notice a person’s smile and laughter.  I like crooked teeth in a smile, it has a certain imperfection about it that is sexy.  Maybe because I never had braces?  But think about it, someone who smiles really big and knows they have crooked teeth, who doesn’t care about it, they are simply enjoying life and it shows.  That is beautiful.  Another thing I tend to notice is a persons eyes.  There is nothing like staring into someones face during a conversation and getting lost in the moment because of their eyes.  Not because they are blue, green or brown but because they are kind, gentle and mischievous.  Yes, I really like the mischievous part. Lol.

I also like to get to know someone so I can find their beauty.  I know it is easy to judge someone from the outside and do it quickly but be kind and remember you have also had bad days.  Hell, I have been known to shop at Walmart in my yoga pants at 3am.  Please don’t judge me on that day. There is an English idiom “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” the meaning of this is: you shouldn’t prejudge the worth or value of something, by its outward appearance alone.

I find the more I get to know someone, the more attractive they are to me (sorry ladies, I only go for men).  This holds true in my life.  You never know what that person has been through that day or what they even went through last year.  Get to know them, yeah, some people are jerks, but most aren’t.  Find that person’s beautiful and when you do, let them know about it.  A few kind words never killed anyone and it sure has made my day once or twice.  Heck I may even compliment you back…

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