Random Thoughts

Itching to Move

It has been almost two years now that I have lived in the house I’m renting.  To most of you this seems like a short time but for me, I’m itching to move.  Since I have been 18, I have moved every 1-2 years.  This equals out to 18 times in the last 27 years.  I know, I know, I’ve been told I can’t sit still for very long.  No, I did not grow up a military brat, a gypsy or a vagrant.  I lived in the same house from the age of 4 until 18.  In fact my mother still lives in that same home.

Now don’t get me wrong I love the house I’m in right now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.  It’s amazing but I am feeling the need for a change of scenery. Typically when this feeling comes about I stay in the same city.  Of those 27 moves; 3 were in Wyoming, 9 were in Orlando (and surrounding areas),  2 in Brandon, FL and the rest have been in the city I am currently residing in.   During most of these moves my children where homeschooling so it was not a disruption to their lives and social friends, no switching of schools per say.  The latter moves have them both staying in the same school districts, so again not a ton of disruption.

This moves feels a little different though.  I am really weighing my odds on this one.  I have had a serious itch to move out of state lately.  I have one big hold up though, the ex-husband.  I can only move so far away from him by state law unless he agrees to me moving my daughter out of state.  My son is 19 so no big deal there.   I would also never want to separate my daughter from her father.  He is a wonderful dad to her.  But it doesn’t tamper the itch I have.

The second hold up is my job.  I really love my job.  I know finding another one can be tricky but it is doable.  My career is very moveable to another state but I am getting a ton of experience in my current position.  Sometimes having major decisions to make can be taxing on my usually light hearted personality.  But yet the feeling is persistent.

Several months back I bought tiny house plans and since then I have been scouting different locations to build, said tiny house.  I realize this may seem contradictorymaps to my wanderlust, buying land and building a home but not really.   I can always leave it behind via renting it out or selling.  Yeah, so here I am looking at property (during my free time lol) in Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia.  I can feel the need to escape in my bones right now.  Yep, I used the word escape.  Of what, I’m not sure.  The heat? the traffic? Life? Who knows.


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