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The similarities of getting over heart break and quitting smoking…

Well, I know it’s been a hot minute since I wrote down any of my thoughts, so I’ve got a few stored up.  Lol.  The title is a bit unusual for me but I figured it would at least give you an idea of what this was going to be about.

Food for thought on getting over a break up, first off why does everybody want to put a time limit on this?  It takes as long as it takes, the same with quitting smoking. So, on to the real question…  What are the similarities of getting over heart break or quitting smoking.  Gasp, I know, how can I possibly compare the two???  Well since I’m doing both of those I have a little personal insight into the matter.

Think of it this way, when you are trying to quit smoking – every couple hours you crave a cigarette for about 10 to 15 mins, the same goes with wanting things back in your relationship, but then the craving/wanting goes away and you move on and have another good couple hours.  Take those 5 – 10 minutes of time and crave, cry, suck it up or punch a pillow.  Guys punch a wall, just watch out for the studs – no reason to break a hand.  Do whatever you need to do to get over the hump of those few minutes.

I quit smoking about 3 months ago using a patch and after 2 months I was ready to rip off the patch to be done.  Not unlike my divorce 3 years ago, I find myself single again. So, I can actually stand by this idealistic image of breaking up and getting over someone to be similar to quitting smoking.  In a few months I should be ready to rip off that patch and move on – like quitting smoking (fingers crossed). This one is a more interesting breakup, not bad, just interesting as it doesn’t involve kids, a long term commitment (only a year) or any of the other humdrum things from my divorce.  LOL

Going through a break-up at 46 has it’s very adult moments.  Although I’m not sure if that helps getting over heartbreak.  I think sometimes you need to just get mad, throw something and yell or cry.  Unfortunately, I really have nothing to yell about except ideas of the future being flushed down the toilet and of course my heart breaking. HA.  And hell, we all know that you can’t plan for the future because my 18 yr old self sure isn’t doing what she thought she was going to be doing at 46.  As for the heartbreak, how long does that last? Sigh, I guess I better start planning my future…   😉


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