Random Thoughts

Working from Home

Some of the decisions I have made while working from home are:

  1. My hair is now purple – not streaks, not just the tips, nope the whole shebang.
  2. Organizing my pantry – yes, I love staring at my pantry now, it is all in containers and everything is labeled. It is so pretty.
  3. Making a pipe desk for my work from home office. Way more expensive and trickier than I thought.
  4. Wearing the 80’s mullet of wfh fashion, dress shirt with pj bottoms. Anyone else following this dress code?

But this brilliant idea is the best one I have had yet. I’m getting a puppy. Yes, a puppy. Why not! I’m at home and can potty train, I have the availability to walk the pup twice a day (and who knows maybe that will help me loose that Covid 19lbs cough 25lbs, whatever). This seems like the best idea ever, next to the purple hair of course.

So here is the new addition we will be getting very soon… more to follow.

7 weeks old

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