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Working from Home

Some of the decisions I have made while working from home are: My hair is now purple - not streaks, not just the tips, nope the whole shebang.Organizing my pantry - yes, I love staring at my pantry now, it is all in containers and everything is labeled. It is so pretty.Making a pipe desk… Continue reading Working from Home

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Starting My Bucket List – Ireland

Holy Crap! I bought a ticket to Ireland.  This trip has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember or at least 15 yrs now. I have a whole 9 days there to bag my next husband. LOL.  Or in reality see everything I want to see.  I decided that now… Continue reading Starting My Bucket List – Ireland

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I thought my 40’s were going to be all about Sex?

Men supposedly reach their sexual prime between 18 and 20 and I remember hearing things about women reaching their prime in their 40's.  Of course at 45 I had to do some research on this theory.  Slow your thoughts folks, I meant researching by Google, not first hand research.  Although...  no, never mind. Of course,… Continue reading I thought my 40’s were going to be all about Sex?