Random Thoughts

Bird Watching vs Mouse Watching

I love having bird feeders in my backyard.  I get to see cardinals, blue jays, finches and squirrels.  I have a beautiful family of cardinals that come every morning, followed by 2 blue jays and a squirrel I have named Chester.  Yes, I named the squirrel and my bestie also named the two lizards living… Continue reading Bird Watching vs Mouse Watching

Random Thoughts

Working in the “City”

It's crazy official, I started a new job as a Project Manager for a company in downtown St. Pete.  Yep, I'm officially working in a city.  How do I know this? Well, for starters, I park in a garage 2 blocks from work and I'm surrounded by restaurants - oh the food.  This all dawned… Continue reading Working in the “City”